• Cubase 7 Crack and Patch is Finally Here | Enjoy the hack

    UPDATE | 03/11/2014    Once again because the traffic we brought to their servers now DropBox kicked us out. We switched our files to Mega (Previous Megaupload) and hopefully cause we bought a big package there they will continue to give our files high bandwidth. Thanks to Cosmos122 who contacted me as soon as the downtime happened so we were able to act quickly. Good luck and have a nice day people. Cubase 7 Crack will live on :D

    UPDATE | 02/19/2014    Cause of the amount of traffic Mediafire kicked us out of their system. We transferred all the files to Dropbox and hopefully they are gonna be able to support our traffic. You guys almost crashed the whole Mediafire network with the amount of downloads. We are very glad that we are able to help people with our cracks. Thanks alot everyone and soon it will be 4 years since we are doing our thing :D

    UPDATE | 01/08/2014    The people who experience the problem with Cubase 7 getting locked after 2-3 weeks you need to re-install the crack but this time Prevent Cubase7.exe from going to the Internet and put cubase folder in ProgramFiles to Read Only mode. Thank you for your patience and sorry for not letting you know before.

    Français : ICI!

    After months of trying to figure out how to make a Cubase 7 crack , Team-Air finally succeeded getting by the hard encryption on it and cracked it. Bellow you have official message from the crackers:

    “Hi there! We are proud to present you all with our newest crack. Cubase 7 baby. Oh lord how many requests we got for this software i think our mailbox is permanently damaged. Joking aside feel free to use our crack and support us by spreading the word. Peace  Team-Air”

    So thanks to Team-Air i am sharing the patch and server wall (emu) file down bellow. Hope you enjoy your Cubase 7 :D

    From the video you can see that before installing the patch you are required to have either Cubase7 Trial or the Original Installation you can find on the internet.

    NOTE: Trial has all of the Cubase 7 files they are only locked since its a trial version.

    After you install it proceed by installing the patch and emu file that you can download from the link bellow.


    Or by clicking HERE!


    NOTE: Be sure you are disconnected from the internet before you install the emu file since if you are connected to the internet the emu will be rejected and error will occur.

  • Coming soon!! Stay Tuned!

    Hopefully in couple months we will be bringing you guys Cubase 7 Crack.

    We are still not sure maybe it will be coming in form of a serial or just a standard Patch and Emu(Dongle). We will see , we are still trying to get trough the encryption.