• Cubase 7 / 7.5 Crack for free

    After two years since we started working on a crack and a year and a half since we published the first edition of the crack we are at maybe the final Cubase 7 Crack that we are gonna make. Steinberg crew moved their attention to the Cubase 8 so the big last update that they made was the Cubase 7.5 :D

    Since it was published we cracked it and now we are pushing out the new Cubase 7 Crack version 2.0 with some new features in it. The new crack has its own download section where it downloads the setup files aswell as the emu needed for the Steinberg activation blocking.


    Cubase7 Video

    Install Instructions

    1. Download the Cubase 7 Elements Trial from the Steinberg website and install as trial.

    Download trial HERE!

    2. Download the .Rar from our website and extract it.

    3. Run the Setup and install the Patch in the right directory *(Turn of the Internet while doing so)

    4. Copy the Crack to the Cubase7 directory inside Program Files/Steinberg/

    Cubase 7 Elements Trial has same files as Pro just they are locked due to .exe being a Trial. With your crack everything gets unlocked.


    What is Cubase 7 Crack?

    Cubase 7 Crack is a hacking software activation of a Steinberg product Cubase 7. In the Crack itself there is a patch and cracked .exe and in combine they are used to fix the Cubase 7 activation process and to make your Cubase 7 appear valid.

    Who is behind the crack?

    We are Team-AIR. We are a group of ethical hackers that focused onto cracking mostly software that relates to sound engineering. We’ve been hacking stuff and making cracks for over 10 years now.

    When will you crack Cubase 8?

    To be honest. NEVER. We are taking a break from cracking, with last year behind us we lost some good people to either wives ( :D ) or other circumstances in other cases. One of our developers known by the name of Xen0n decided to go on his own way and you can find out about his progress at www.cubase8crack.com

    I get an error while installing.

    Bellow we left some common error that you can get while installing. If you get some other problem please leave us a comment down bellow.

    442# : You need to install the newest Net.Framework in order for setup to be opened.

    443# : Your Antivirus is stoping the download of the files, disable antivirus till the setup is finished.

    478# : Cubase 7 folder is Read-Only, go to the properties of the whole steinberg folder in program-files and uncheck the read-only.

    In addition with this errors some Windows XP users may have problems with this crack and we are still looking into it for now we are sorry for the inconvenience!