Coming soon!! Stay Tuned!

Hopefully in couple months we will be bringing you guys Cubase 7 Crack.

We are still not sure maybe it will be coming in form of a serial or just a standard Patch and Emu(Dongle). We will see , we are still trying to get trough the encryption.

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  1. V1RU5 /

    so this patch/emu works for latest 7.5 updates !?
    Team Air always needed to compile new emu’s for updates

    1. admin / Post Author

      As you saw from the date of the upload, Team-Air provide us with updated emu’s from time to time. Sometimes yes we fall short and you guys have to wait for it but eventually we get it working. So yeah we are sorry if you guys sometimes have to wait for the updated patches but you get them non the less. Enjoy.

  2. Xzbit / Post Author

    Yo can you do it faster pls!?

  3. TaFTW / Post Author


  4. Mck / Post Author

    If you guys do the crack i will be the happiest guy in the world.

  5. Goliath / Post Author

    Please do it soon

  6. JayJay /

    Can’t wait for it!

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